waiting for Cleo…

Only a few more days left until we pick up our brand new puppy, and then subsequently have to replace everything that she’s chewed to pieces the following day!

We spent a good part of the afternoon today stocking up on puppy everything at PetSmart – I felt like one of those guys on Supermarket Sweep, just pushing the cart and grabbing anything and everything that my wife yelled for me to grab from across the store! Up until the actual checkout, I didn’t think that we had done too bad, but the final price definitely begged to differ … and yet something deep down tells me that the true spoiling has yet to begin…

Anyways, we are both really looking forward to bringing her home. I’m not quite sure that I’m ready for all of the chewing that puppies are known for and our house is definitely chew toy central in its current state of disarray, however I think we’ve done just about all of the preparation that we can possibly do – it’s gonna have to be a crash course from here on out.

The cutest, cuddliest little crash course you ever did see!

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