Watch for Giant, Creepy Possums

So Cleo and I were out on our nightly walk around the neighborhood, as we’re wont to do around this hour, and at one point during our journey we came across one of the most terrifying creatures this side of the swamp!

Now it’s kind of hard to make out in the picture because apparently iPhones suck for nighttime photography, but those beady, little eyes are attached to a possumbut not just any possum, mind you!  This was the most gigantic, well-fed possum that I’ve ever seen – easily the size of a well-fed house cat, and unlike most other possums that we encounter who tend to flee once Cleo sights them and starts going nuts, instead Big Bertha here just sat on its perch and stared down at us menacingly, as if it was sizing up Cleo (or me!) for its next meal.

I got as close as I could for the picture, but was afraid to inch any closer for fear of spooking the thing into lunging down at us!

Also, I actually don’t think that Cleo noticed him sitting on top of the six foot tall wall, otherwise she would’ve gone nuts and it’d have been every dog and human for themselves…

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