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August 22, 2011 9:16pm
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So this past weekend Sara and I snuck over to Disney for an early celebration of my birthday next week. We ended up spending most of Saturday over at Typhoon Lagoon, which even though also terrifying actually ended up being quite a lot of fun, too! Sunday was spent mostly just dodging the sun, between going to the movies and browsing gift shops around the Magic Kingdom resort monorail loop, eventually wandering back into the park once the sun went down for a couple of attractions and ultimately fireworks.

Anyways, I won’t go into tremendous detail so as to save that for another post on another site (coming…soon?), but here are a handful of quick pics that I think help to characterize the weekend!

Wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon – definitely took some getting used to!

The lazy river … now that’s more my style!!!

Stayed at Port Orleans Riverside – paid for a plain, ordinary room, but got upgraded to an awesome water view!

Finally got to spend some time exploring the new LEGO store – it’s definitely nice having a little more elbow room for a change!

Didn’t actually buy one of these, but don’t they look yummy?

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