2012 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 12 – Lego Holiday Village, 2012 Expansion

Courtesy of my wonderful Mom, we made another expansion to our quaint, little Lego holiday village this year – it really has become a favorite among our household Christmas decorations, to the point where it’s looking like we’re going to need to find a bigger home for it all should Lego continue new offerings in the line come next year! Still, we’ll gladly take ’em – we actually talked as we were building the new Village Cottage this year about maybe getting some nice snowy white base plates to put down for everything to sit on … not sure exactly where we’ll store such a monstrosity in the off-season, but it sure would make reassembly after a year in the closet just a wee bit easier!!!

So to date our village consists of the following (not sure how many of these are still available, but more just listing them for illustrative purposes):

And thanks to last year’s advent calendar (and an alternate from the Collectible Minifig Series), we’ve even got our very own Lego Santa Claus, preparing to slip down the chimney and deliver toys for all of the good little boys and girls of our winter village – how cool is that?!







Next year I think we need to get creative and throw a couple of reindeer into the mix, complete with light-up nose for Rudolf!


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