2012 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 13 – Random Acts of Kindness

I love it when the holidays bring out the best in people, like in the case of 87 year-old Patsy Roberts. She’s a victim of Hurricane Sandy who loved to collect the greeting cards sent to her by friends & family – she told her son-in-law that she had intended to read them all during her final hours to remember those who she loved, but they ended up being among her losses from the superstorm earlier this year.

When the son-in-law heard this, he posted a simple message on Facebook asking his friends and family to send her some new cards in hopes of filling her mailbox this Christmas.

That same request is now popping up all over the Internet and it’s pretty safe to assume that Patsy Roberts’ mailman is going to be quite busy this holiday season!

Whether it’s giving toys to sick kids in the hospital, helping out a random stranger in need, or even simply mailing off an extra Christmas card to an old lady who loved everyone she ever met – there’s something special about this time of year that brings out the best in us, and it’s comforting to see its random effects on people who we’ve never even met.

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