Over the weekend my wife and I spent Saturday at Epcot taking in all of the park’s and surrounding resorts’ holiday decorations, and also watching the Candlelight Processional for our 4th year. It was a beautiful day – we ate an early dinner at the Rose & Crown Dining Room at the UK Pavilion, with seats right on the water looking out across World Showcase lagoon, and then after a surprisingly good meal we headed over to the theater for Candlelight.

This year we jumped at the calendar rather early and decided to try our luck with Whoopi Goldberg, who ended up being a lot of fun and also a great speaker to boot. My Mom would tell you that my first “date” was going to see Sister Act with a girl in the 5th grade, but nonetheless, I’ve always been a big fan … loved all of her work with Comic Relief in particular … and in general it’s always interesting to see how the different celebrity narrators put their own spin on the same story. Well maybe spin isn’t the right phrase … inflection?

She was a great narrator either way – I can’t really pick favorites because we’ve seen so many good ones over the years – but it was a great show, and we were both particularly thankful that the weather worked out in our favor so that we could enjoy the show without getting absolutely drenched this year! 😯

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