2012 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 9 – My Issues with Snow

Believe it or not, it’s not that I actually hate the snow … it’s just that I really have no desire to interact with it on a day-to-day basis ever again.

Don’t get me wrong – when I left the blustery cold winters of Michigan behind for Florida’s sunny beaches, I actually did hate the snow, but over the years of being away combined with a couple of trips home for the holidays, I started to realize that it isn’t really the snow itself that I despise – it’s having to shovel it, and snow blow it, and pray that my car doesn’t swerve into a ditch when I’m driving on roads covered with it … now those are the parts that I actually don’t like! 

Truth be told, I actually really enjoy looking out over a snow-covered landscape in Northern Michigan, assuming that I’m warm inside with no need to ever actually have to go out in it or anything. Isolated away from the day-to-day, snow can create a very serene view that’s no doubt a part of my Christmas memories … I just think that the key is most of those memories happen to be when I was young enough that “Go clear out the driveway so that I can get to work!” was something more so overheard than anything that was actually directed at me! 😉

So do I miss not having snow here in Florida around the holidays??? Yes and no. 

In a perfect world where we could wake up to a snow-covered lawn on Christmas morning and then have it all gone by the next day, sure – snow would be just fine, but if its presence comes with three months before and four months after where I have to spend an hour a day snow blowing just to pull into my driveway … and I can’t go outside without having my nose hairs freeze … and my pretty, snow-covered landscape is constantly getting ruined by people making snowmobile tracks all over it?

In the case of reality, I guess I’m happy to settle for the type of “snow” that falls over at Disney World that’s evaporated before it hits the ground! 😛

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