2012 Holiday Advent Blog – Merry Christmas!!!

nutcrackerWe made it! We really made it!!!

I hope that everyone had fun reading this year’s holiday adventures, and also that the big man in red treated you well under the tree this morning. Christmas is always a special time of year for me, so it’s a little something extra because I’ve been able to blog about everything that I love the most about this season for the last two years.

For your cordial review, this year’s full advent tally from day #1 all the way up to Christmas Eve, as best enjoyed with a plate of Christmas cookies and an extra-large glass of chocolate milk! 😉

  1. Scott’s Christmas Mix Tape, volume 2
  2. ‘Tis the Season to be Sharing, Fred…
  3. Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas
  4. Candlelight with Whoopi
  5. Lights! Well, sort of…
  6. a Holiday Home of Our New House
  7. Scott’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
  8. Don’t Ask and Ye Shall Receive…
  9. My Issues with Snow
  10. 25 Holiday Favorites Worth Watching
  11. Oh, Christmas Tree…
  12. Lego Holiday Village, 2012 Expansion
  13. Random Acts of Kindness
  14. Merry Fishmas!!!
  15. Some Faith in Humanity for 2012
  16. “Gardening … electrical contracting …”
  17. Walking in a Partially-Lit Wonderland
  18. Cleo May Be Sweet, But She’s No Odie…
  19. Mom’s Awesome Santa Cookies
  20. For Scott and Cleo, From Sara…
  21. Christmas Cards, Scaled Back
  22. A Feast of Holiday Snackitude!
  23. Passing the Time with a Bit of Building…
  24. Christmas Eve at the Magic Kingdom

Merry Christmas, everyone!

:santa: :santa: :santa:

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