8-Bit Art/Music

Here’s a fun, little video from PBS that talks a bit about the resurgence of the 8-bit graphics and music that we remember from all of those classic Nintendo games of the 80s and 90s. I’ve always been a big fan of 8-bit-styled art, like the DoctorOctoroc version of Dr. Horrible or even that old Code Monkeys show from G4 that was fun to watch for the graphics, even though the script was absolutely terrible, and I’ve already talked in the past about my resurfacing passion for 8-bit music, thanks to the likes of Penny Arcade: The Series and its numerous musical contributors.

It made me wish the entire thing was about two or three times as long as it ended up being, but at least it served to drop a few names of some 8=bit artists who I haven’t heard before!  😀

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