a blog of 500,000 words, and still growing!

I’m not going to go on and on about it because I already posted something about word count at the start of the new year, but just for the record – half a million words is a lot of words!

My last post finally pushed me over this threshold, basically meaning that now I can stop thinking about it again until I start to approach one million words, but I still think it’s cool particularly for this blogging effort to pass such a milestone just because it really reinforces how long I’ve been blogging and the impact that it’s had on my life. No single other project of mine has anywhere near the sheer volume of thought that I’ve put into this one, and frankly, as long as I keep having this much fun doing it, 1,000,000 words and even beyond doesn’t sound like such a crazy goal after all!

Blog and the world blogs with you… 😉

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