a couple of laps around the Magic Kingdom

Last night we spent a couple of hours over at Disney World and after hitting most of the attractions that we felt like doing, we ended up also taking a couple of laps around the park for some exercise. It was kinda fun because it was almost 11:00pm by that time, so a lot of the crowds had dispersed (especially for the 2nd lap) and it had cooled down enough to the point where we weren’t super sweating … except for when we took a last-minute detour to hop on Big Thunder right before it closed!

You can see our actual route below, give or take – Google Maps is a little tricky about letting you choose walking destinations that aren’t actual sidewalks (how does it know in a theme park???), and we also had a spur up to the new Storybook Circus area, which it wouldn’t let me map so I guess just imagine that our blue line also loops up around that blue train station sign above all of the construction! In total, I estimate that our laps were about 1.4 miles each (20-25 minutes), and we did two of them, so figure we knocked out nearly 3 miles walking at a steady pace around the park in a little under an hour…

Honestly, I think this is something that I’d like to do a little more because at this point we can both use all of the exercise that we can get, and we’ve also been jonesin’ for our Disney fix after not being able to visit much all summer on account of house-buying craziness! Still, the tricky part is A) I don’t really want to walk around the park all sweaty, and also B) if the crowds aren’t light, it could get hard to maintain a pace that’s really going to do any good.

That said, next weekend we’re going over to Epcot to celebrate Sara’s birthday by catching the last days of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and we actually have done laps around World Showcase before, so if we try anything similar I’ll be sure to report back again! 🙂

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