a place for all of my minifigs, and all of my minifigs in their place…

One of the treasures that I picked up from Legoland today was a new means of organizing my ever-expanding collection of Lego minifigs!

I actually came up with this idea a month or two ago, but kept forgetting to pick up base plates whenever we walk through the Lego store over at Downtown Disney. It’s really super simple – I basically just hooked the bases that the minis come on into the base plate vertically, with the intent then of either hanging or resting the base board itself vertically so that the minifigs all line up nice and neat on little shelves like so…

Talk about a better solution than just having piles upon piles of minifigs thrown all over my desk, anyways! I’ve actually been collecting these now since series 3 (currently on 7), and even only having about half of them, as you can see I’ve almost got enough to start a second board already … I probably would’ve, but have been plagued with tons of duplicates, lately… 🙁

I did have to make one slight modification for two of the minifigs – the Indian chief and Godzilla, specifically … both were just a bit too “deep” due to their head dress/tail, so I wasn’t able to fit them on using the normal black bases that come with them. Instead, I substituted a pair of black 2×3 plates for each fig, which then gave me an extra set of pegs so that I could move them slightly forward – if you squint real close, you can see that those two are actually standing on the edge, whereas the others are all square in the middle.

Anyways, I was really pleased with the result, and I even have an extra board already because I honestly thought that they’d take up a lot more room than this! Originally I had considered maybe trying to frame and/or hang them on the wall, but for now I’ve just got the final result propped up on my desk taking up a fraction of the space that they used to and instead being a lot more presentable to boot!

Now if anybody wants to trade to help me get rid of some dups…  😕

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