Ask Leo Anything!

I’m really starting to enjoy the Ask Me Anything series on Reddit – last week we saw one from Bill Nye the Science Guy, and now tonight there’s a new one with Leo Laporte answering questions about his former days at TechTV and everything he’s done since to build the incredible TWiT Network! I first found Leo when we finally got digital cable and cable internet installed by Charter in my hometown back in 1999/2000-ish – I think The Screen Savers was on for what, an hour and a half a night?, and I would watch that show religiously while I designed some of my first websites.

Of course, he’s got far too many shows these days for me to even try to watch them all, but I do enjoy listening in on This Week in Tech either when I like the panel or there have been enough intriguing happenings in the news.

So far the reddit thread has been really great – I love hearing his commentary about how he’s built TWiT because it’s so clear that he’s an entrepreneur who absolutely loves what he gets to do for a living, and the nostalgia factor with the TechTV stuff is pretty fun, too! 😉

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