back problems (temporarily?) revisited

The last couple of days have not been fun.

Apparently I pulled some sort of muscle in my back. This is especially comical when you consider that really the only “exercise” that I get is an hour of walking the dog each night. The rest of my time, including leading up to having said problems this go around, is typically spent sitting in a computer chair, so the HOW doesn’t really make much sense to me at all!

Though actually this is the second time that it’s ever happened to me – the first was maybe five years ago and got gradually worse throughout the day until I wasn’t comfortable until I was bent forward in my chair with my nose almost touching the keyboard … not really easy to type at that point!

The “solution” ended up being a couple of days off and some anti-inflammatory drugs from the doctor. This time I lucked out because the wife had some from her own back problems, so I was able to save a trip and a co-pay, but it has basically meant most of my time the last couple of days has either been spent a) laying on the couch; or b) laying in bed. Neither has really been very productive for me, though I did have a chance to get caught up on some of the TV shows that apparently I had saved on the DVR.

So in summary…

  • The Celebrity Apprentice – getting kinda bored with it, and wish each episode wasn’t 2 hours long (who has time for that?!)
  • Comic Book Men – season was far too short and I hope it gets renewed just because the banter was fun
  • I desperately need to get some writing done!
  • P.S. my back hurts…

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