choosing a dog hotel…

It’s actually not that easy…

(don’t get any ideas – I haven’t, and will never, actually see that movie)

The last time we went on vacation, I’m pretty sure we just used regular, old travel sites and then checked to see if they allowed dogs when we found a few that we liked. We ended up being really happy with our choice … part of it might have been that because it was right around Christmas, the place seemed like it was just about empty, so we didn’t feel at all guilty when Cleo occasionally barked because she thought she’d heard a noise outside the door or something. I’m not sure if we ever even saw anybody else on our floor for the three nights that we were there, so it was kinda nice!

Now we’re getting ready to drive up to Michigan for a couple of weeks of vacation, so we need to find pet-friendly place to crash overnight because 1,385-miles is just way too far to drive in one shot. I found this site – – that seems kinda cool because essentially they’ve compiled lists of only dog-friendly hotels, and you can browse them directly on the map to see what’s within range of a given location or whatever. They also tell you what the particular pet fee is for each one, which I found pretty important because there are definitely some that call themselves pet-friendly, but then end up having such high pet fees that you’d either have to be nuts or rich to actually stay there! For the Christmas trip, we did pick a slightly nicer hotel because it was Christmas and we knew we’d be there for several days, whereas this time we don’t really need anything special – we’ll probably be there less than 12 hours, tops – just long enough to grab some shut-eye after driving for 12 hours straight.

And chances are with a cheaper motel, it’ll be even harder to tell if Cleo accidentally pees on the carpet, so there’s always that, too!  😮

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