Comment Spam Gone Wild!!!

I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam on this one post in particular the last couple of weeks – I really have no idea why, save for that maybe the spambots are feeling rather festive and also share a desire to peep out adorable holiday pics of my niece and our collective dogs from last year!

Anyways, I couldn’t help but share this one because it’s absolutely insane – it looks like the bots must’ve gotten tired of me moderating everything they submitted, so instead of writing up some new comments that Akismet hasn’t heard of yet, I guess they decided to send me every single spam comment their script can output as one gigantic comment!!!

Seriously, weighing in at 3,211 words and 6 pages, this one comment would’ve been 10% longer than the longest blog post I’ve written in the last ten years of writing this blog.  😯


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