(here are a few of my favorites – full sets over here)

Important thing to note in that last pic is that the bald dude in the red cloak was actually the main bad dude whose plans to steal the crown after the king’s death we first thwarted over a year ago, which led to a whirlwind of retaliation, a civil war, the entire party’s death by having a mountain dropped on us, the thankful intervention of a god in our own favor, and I’m sure many other notably events up until this last image where we faced and defeated him before he was able to summon his own dark master into our world.

What’s curious to me, though, is what we have to expect out of our next couple of games, mainly because I don’t really know what my own character wants to do next. It’s kind of that classic paradox of what do the heroes do once they’ve saved the world, and there’s not an immediate danger for us to rush off to face, so what does my brave Adran Ealoeth do with all of his free time??? It’s something that I guess I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought into because we’ve been traveling in a single direction for so long – his own needs have really been secondary to the task at hand … others have talked of buying a tavern and even lording over a new parcel of land gifted by the throne we were defending, so I guess I need to put my head down again and really start to think about what’s important – other than saving the world and all – to my own character…

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