Dexter – season 7 trailer is out

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the last twist already, and also that we’ve only got two more seasons left to go before the show itself comes to an end. I wasn’t super crazy about last season, despite being a fan of both Edward James Olmos and also Mos Def, although the final moments of the finale managed to setup a great cliffhanger for next season, as usual.

I honestly kind of like that they’re planning the story out right and ending the series while it’s still in its prime rather than doing something like The Office and waiting until the series has been all but driven into the ground before finally calling it a day. Clearly the unique nature of Dexter’s world can’t exactly go on forever, so it’ll be interesting to see where everyone’s favorite serial killer finally ends up over the next 24 episodes…

For starters, it looks like a good portion of season 7 will no doubt be dealing with Deb learning who her brother really is!  😯


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