Dream Journal : The People Within the Walls…

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of different blogs dedicated to people posting about their dreams from the night before, but I never actually sat down to transcribe any of my own. Not sure if this will be a regular thing or just random when a particularly bizarre dream presents itself, but it seemed like it might be kind of fun in a weird sort of way, so here we go…

I was living back at home with my parents.

Apparently we were living in a two-story house, which seemed kind of odd because growing up we only ever lived in our single-story house … unless you counted the basement as a story … which nobody does.

Anyways, I had noticed that overnight some of my toys would wind up missing – not just things lying about, but obscure things like pieces out of games that were boxed up in the closet. I told my Dad and he told me I should stay up to investigate, so I did … and that’s when I discovered that there were people living in the walls of our house.

They looked like they were in pretty rough shape – kind of dressed like hobos, but hunched over a lot … I assumed because, really, how much space can there be inside of a wall, anyways?! They kind of scurried around like wild animals – going through my stuff and searching for just the right toy to take back with them into the wall. I think I was maybe 8 years old in this dream – just a kid, anyways – and so the thought of strange hobos stealing my toys was absolutely terrifying!

The next day I went to my Dad with my findings and told him that we had to get them out. I don’t remember his response, but the next night when they came out again, he was with me, though instead of shooing them away when they went for my toys, he opened up a board game and asked some of them to sit down and play. He told me that they were just looking for something to do and they came here because I had so many toys to play with. They all sat around and we played with my toys out in the open instead of them scurrying back into the walls because they were afraid of getting caught.

The dream ended with me realizing that it was nicer to play games with the hobos than to kick them out into the streets.

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