Goodbye, Shorty…

My wife’s grandmother passed away last weekend.

That’s why I haven’t really posted much this week – we flew up to New York to be with family first thing Tuesday morning, and have been here through the week. It’s kinda sad that often times as you get older, you get to a point where you really only see extended family for weddings and funerals, and yet at least in Shorty’s case, something tells me that she would still take comfort in the idea of everyone getting together on her behalf, even at her own final expense.

There was a time several years ago when all she wanted was to make it down to Florida to see Sara and I get married. None of us, including her doctors, thought that it was very realistic given how she’d been in and out of the hospital so much lately, but sure enough she kept on fighting and when we looked out across that beach before saying our nuptials, she was there – just as happy as ever.

That’s how I’m personally going to remember Shorty – so happy, so friendly, so kindhearted from the very moment that I first met her. She shared a kinship with my wife that was cherished like no other, and I’m grateful merely to have gotten to tag along and snag up the tiniest of pieces for myself over the six years that I got to know her…

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