Halloween Lights of Orange and Green (and Purple, too)

I’ve never really been much into Halloween, but tonight my wife and I did a little decorating out front in hopes of better broadcasting the notion that we’ve got loads of candy waiting at our doorstep for the trick or treaters next week, and admittedly it was kind of fun!

The lights I’ve actually had just sitting in a box for a number of years – I think I bought them on clearance at Walmart one year after Halloween and just never touched them since. It was basically just 5 strings of the mini orange lights, along with a string of purple bats which you can kind of see hanging there in the window … after mixing in a single string of green lights on the column there, I thought that they made for a nice display and at least gave our house a bit of color after seeing select other houses around the neighborhood decorated with tombstones and cobwebs and skeletons and whatnot.

I’m not exactly a fan of scary Halloween, per se, but decorating with lights – now that’s something that I can get excited about, and if it gives me a little warm up for Christmas decorating here in another month, then all the better! 😀

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