inadequate water pressure vs. fancy shower heads

I always feel like buying a new shower head is kind of a crap shoot. You go to the store and gawk at all of the fancy, new options like rotating heads and a bajillion different settings, and then you bring one home to find that half of that crap doesn’t actually work because your water pressure isn’t strong enough…

I don’t know whose house they actually test these things at, but this one didn’t even seem that fancy – just a stationary head and a handheld one that you can either run separately or at the same time … that is, as long as you don’t mind the handheld do-job being super droopy because there’s never enough water pressure leftover to push anything more than a slight trickle out of it!

Maybe it’s the water company’s fault, maybe it’s the fault of the people who built the house, or even those who design these shower heads … all I know is that I shouldn’t have to get a team together to analyze which shower head would be optimal for my particular water pressure configuration…  😥

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