Keys, Please?!?!?!

You know how when you buy something, it’s nice to eventually get to use that thing?

So we signed our closing documents Monday night, and we knew that it would take 24-48 hours to verify everything afterwards … plus possibly another day for shipping because we did the signing so late at night … but we were still hoping for Wednesday/maybe Thursday at the latest.

Needless to say, we’ve been a little bit anxious to get the keys to our new house as soon as possible, but we’ve also been trying to be understanding that other things outside of our control need to happen.

Unfortunately, apparently one of those things ended up being the selling agent actually giving a shit, which even now I’m not entirely sure that that ever really took place…

You see, we were told by the closing agent that it was the selling agent’s job to notify everyone (including THE BUYERS) when the sale was closed, and so that’s when we’d also get our keys.

I finally found out after asking this afternoon that the sale had actually closed yesterday, so there’s really no reason why we couldn’t have gotten our keys yesterday.

Just wait – it gets better!

So our own agent finally gets in touch with us and tells us that we can just take the keys out of the lockbox on the door, and the other agent will come by later to take the boxes themselves. Except when we try to do that, the code we were given no longer unlocks the box. Our agent even shows up to unlock the second, electronic-only box himself, except that the keys inside that box don’t actually fit the door anymore, and all the while the selling agent can’t be bothered to pick up her phone to properly transition the house that we just spent a lot of money buying from her.

Finally our agent was able to get ahold of her secretary, who confirms that – oh yeah – they re-keyed all of the locks on all of their houses recently … even this particular one, which we just bought from them not two days ago!

Thankfully at that point, she was able to give us the correct, new code for the first box and at that point, we were able to get in the front door of the new house that we just bought. It still irritates me a little to think that she couldn’t even be bothered to answer the phone, much less send somebody out to the house yesterday to take care of everything when it technically wasn’t even their house anymore.

Just for the record, in this whole mind-boggling ordeal, our mortgage agents and our buyer’s agent have been really great, but if there’s any room for improvement, the seller’s agent and the closing agents … most definitely not as great…

But enough of that for now – I’ve got a new house to move into!!!

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