Lego Bat Cave – WOWZERS!!!

01 Batcave1048

Built by Carlyle Livingston and Wayne Hussey … 800 hours of building between the two … a conservatively estimated 20,000 bricks … wow!!!

Here’s the Flickr set with 40 more photos of this massive construction.

And also a cool, little video tour of the cave that shows off some of the mechanics and motion and whatnot that have been built in…

I love not only the attention to detail – obviously, but also how there’s a little bit from each generation of Batman to be found throughout the build, dating all the way back to my own personal favorite – 1960’s Batman!

Seeing all of the different Bat-Vehicles, each with their own place and launchpad, was pretty sweet, too. 😀

(via io9, also The Brothers Brick)

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