(House-Buying Backlog) Life on Hold

(This post was originally written on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 – see the intro post for more details…)

It’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve really only been at this for less than a week because never before has life seemed to crawl by so freaking slow for me!

Never have I checked my e-mail so many times, in hopes that there would be something waiting that would finally see the process moving again.

Never have I felt like pretty much everything else in my life is just noise right now as we wait idly by for the next step to finally kick off.

Right now we’re waiting on some feedback from Mortgage Guy Who’s Not a Credit Union to see if we have other options to choose from there. It’s one of those times when you wish that the guy only worked exclusively for you, but as that’s not really the reality of the situation, instead here I am penning a surprisingly short blog post in a vain attempt to distract myself from watching the clock for a little while…

*checks mail yet again*

Nope, nothing yet.  😥

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