Lots and Lots and Lots of Sushi

I cannot emphasize enough that I still find it incredibly weird that I’ve taken to sushi like I once took to Chinese food so many moons ago. You can ask my wife – I think I parrot the same phrase every single time that we go out for sushi, which as of late has literally been more than once per week. I think a big part of it is simply that we found a place early on that is really, really good – if we were choosing from random sub par “sushi parlors” around our neighborhood, my guess is we wouldn’t be halfway out the door already whenever the slightest hint presents itself that one or more of us doesn’t really feel like eating at home on a given night…

I mean, seriously – look at these beautifully delicious rolls!  😯

(In full disclaimer for the sake of our regular place, that last photo was taken somewhere we’ve never been before – it was kinda dark and their goods were ok, but not necessarily of the caliber to which we’ve quickly become accustomed…)

(Prediction: By the end of 2012, it will probably be safe to consider us “sushi snobs” by most standards recognized on the Internet today. And at the rate we’re going, I think I’ll be ok with that.)

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