one last song for Ray Bradbury…

So science fiction maverick Ray Bradbury died yesterday at the age of 91 years old.

I didn’t know his works as well as I probably should, but Dandelion Wine was a hand-me-down from my Dad that I rather enjoyed.

Isn’t it a little sad that sometimes we don’t look back to revisit a legend’s catalog until they die? Nonetheless, it makes me feel like picking up a few of his titles to peruse over the summer – my Dad was always a huge fan, so I’m sure he can make some great recommendations.

Anyways, that having been said, this is the best tribute to Ray Bradbury that I could find. It’s a little “crude,” but also hilarious, and besides, being a somewhat sheltered writer myself, I’d like to think that just about any man would be able to appreciate knowing that an anthem such as this was composed in their honor…

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