Pride of Accomplishment (and also cake)

Anyways, aside from fighting with Walgreens, this afternoon I’m cutting out a little early to go listen to my wife give the keynote speech at graduation for the university where she got her nursing degree a few years ago!

Pretty sweet, huh?!

I was kind of taken aback by it myself when Sara first told me a week or two ago – granted, at the time I think she was a little more petrified about public speaking than enamored at the idea of all that she’s accomplished, so I was happy to beam a little extra pride on her behalf.  Also, I wasn’t the one who had to stand up there behind that podium, so why not?!

But in all seriousness, it really sounded like a big career-milestone when she told me – here she had abruptly decided to change careers from teaching into nursing right around the time we first met 6 years ago, she dove head first into 2 years of nursing school, and then in her 3 years since has risen up through the ranks at her hospital from an entry level job on the night shift to now teaching (nursing, this time!) for the entire hospital … to now be asked to come back and talk to the new graduating class about what their own futures in this ever-expanding field are going to be like really seems like a huge honor to me!

Also, did I mention that there’s probably going to be cake???

What can I say – I’ve got a particularly awesome afternoon ahead of me today!  :mrgreen:

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