Random Observations From the Road – the long drive back home again…

Drove back from Michigan with just me and the dog, as the wife departed mid-trip for a business excursion out west. I think the last time I drove all the way from Michigan to Florida – by myself, in 2 days – was probably sometime in 2005, and needless to say, I didn’t miss it!

Next time Cleo is gonna have to learn how to fly…¬†ūüėČ

(Michigan)¬†It was only about 15 minutes into the drive that I realized I had forgotten to download any new podcasts for the 22-hour journey which was now underway.¬†Damn you, Apple/Verizon, for requiring a wifi connection for downloads over 20 MB – what part of¬†Unlimited Data Plan¬†don’t you understand?!

(Michigan)¬†On the upside, at least it wasn’t snowing.

(Ohio) For some reason I always think of Ohio as being a really long state, akin to driving the 4 hours through Michigan, but I guess it actually goes by pretty quick when you cut corners across the state! Also, most spacious. rest area. ever.

(Kentucky)¬†I wonder if semis can get ticketed for not merging over when there’s a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. I mean, it’s a nice gesture and all, but after several hours of watching their ping-pong games, it makes me curious as to how many¬†new accidents¬†are caused by semis merging over into other cars to leave room for accidents that have already transpired!

(Tennessee)¬†Why in the world doesn’t this state have a rest area along I-75 anywhere before Knoxville?!?!?! I ask because¬†my bladder¬†really needed one at that point… ūüėõ

(Tennessee) P.S. Thank god this was my stopping place for the night because 12 hours is a lot of driving for one guy (and one dog)!

(Georgia) Butts county.

(Georgia)¬†Also, the more I got in and out of the car by this point, the more I felt like an incredibly old man.¬†Exercise – yoga –¬†I need¬†something!

(Florida)¬†Left Michigan at noon on Friday, layover in Tennessee, and pulled into our driveway back home just after 9:00pm.¬†Whew…

Notable Mentions…

  • There really aren’t any¬†good options¬†for a man by himself to use the rest room when he’s traveling¬†with puppy.
  • Likewise with¬†good places to eat,¬†but I’m also getting incredibly picky about fast food these days.
  • Believe it or not, Cleo¬†will¬†eventually get to the point where she’ll refuse peanut butter even when the jar is thrust into her face, though as far as I can tell it requires quite the upset/carsick belly to get her there. ūüôĀ
  • Cheddar Cheese Bagels from Tim Hortons make for pretty much the most¬†fantastic¬†road trip treats ever.

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