Random Observations From the Road…

Took us two days to drive from Florida to Michigan, and made many a keen observation along the way! Here are a few of the highlights…  😐

(Florida) Pecans … Gator Heads … Truck Stop Show Girls … Knock-Off Disney T-Shirts – according to the numerous colorful interstate billboards of northern Florida, I think I’m pretty content that I picked the part of Florida that boasts actual Disney World and white sandy beaches to call my home instead.

(Florida) About two hours into the drive, we got passed by someone with an Angry Birds Jet Ski in the back of their truck. I didn’t get a photo because I was driving, but rest assured, it was awesome!

(Georgia) According to some other billboards in the deep south, I get the impression that some residents of Georgia aren’t particularly happy with President Obama and will be looking forward to our next general election for an opportunity to elect a different candidate.

(Georgia) As seen in a men’s room stall at the Georgia Welcome Center – “Jesus is coming soon – repent now or fall forever.” Sounds like kind of a buzzkill, if you ask me, but I thought I’d pass it along just in case it ends up being important…

(Georgia) LOL, from the HOV Lane FAQ in preparation of driving I-75 through Atlanta – “If a mother is 8 months pregnant, does the unborn infant count?” Response: “No. The infant would not count as a passenger until after birth.”

(Tennessee) Mooyah is a fantastic name for a burger joint.

(Kentucky) The Liquor Barn seemed like a pretty appropriate redneck name for a liquor store.

(Ohio) Honestly slept through about 90% of it. Probably the best trip through the Buckeye State that I’ve ever had…

(Michigan) Skunks. LOTS of skunks!!!

(Michigan) Also, when we pulled into our destination in Northern Michigan at roughly 12:30am, the thermometer in the car said 55 degrees. Eeek?!?!?!

Notable Mentions…

  • Worst Driver goes to the crazy weaver of Atlanta, who I watched ping-pong between the white lines for 15 of the worst miles I’ve ever driven through the city.
  • Honorable Mention to the Canadian driver in Michigan who came up from behind to pass me no less than three different times, always with his high beams on.
  • Best Restroom went to a gas station in Ohio for being the only restroom the entire trip without anti-semitic inclinations scribbled on the walls.
  • Average Gas Mileage was about 43 mpg, filling up four times over the course of ~1,400 miles.


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