Recounting a Chaotic Weekend of New House Preparations

I don’t know why I was so excited to get things moving with our new house … because now I’m just really, really tired…  😯

Appliance Hunting
We need them.

Specifically a washer & dryer, and a refrigerator.

I think we spent most of Saturday trying to figure this one out – who has the ones we want, at the best prices, and will actually give us credit to purchase said appliances. Also had some confusion to clear up about coupons that we had been given, and confirmed that there’s pretty much no reason to ever shop for appliances at Sears because the coupons they issued were for 10-25% off regular prices, not their sales prices … meaning when you actually do the math, it’s just cheaper to buy from somebody else.

In the end we ended up getting our washer & dryer from Best Buy, and our refrigerator from Lowe’s. We actually wanted to get it all from Best Buy, but we had credit issues and they couldn’t do it, so splitting the order up was the only way for us to avoid either keeping a cooler filled with ice in the kitchen or making regular trips down to the river to scrub the dirt from our getups…

Still More Locks?!?!?!
Just when I thought this couldn’t get any more ridiculous … we found another lock … this one holding the garage door shut. I swear, this lady must’ve gotten a hell of a deal on padlocks because she literally had seven of them securing every gate, fence, and questionable entry point around this damn house of ours!!!

Of course, the bitch (yes, she’s a bitch for being this irresponsible and not bending over backwards to get everything unlocked for us at this point!) couldn’t be bothered to answer her phone or send somebody out, so our exceedingly awesome agent actually went out and bought a pair of bolt cutters to clip the thing off himself!

Chris Henry, Signature Realty – ladies and gentlemen! I’ll definitely be sure to trumpet his praise more in a later post when all is said and done, but as of right now, just go ahead and assume that he’s a legend and you’ll have a good start at how great of an experience we’ve had working with this guy.  :mrgreen:

So Many Upgrades, So Little Money
For a little fun the other night, we sat down and made a list – a pie in the sky kind of list of everything that we’d like to do around our new house someday.

As of right now, we can’t afford to do any of those things!

Some aren’t that bad, like painting and hanging some shelves here and there, but I’d also like to completely overhaul the “garden” out front and get it looking a little more tropical, plus we’ve got electronics that desperately need to get upgraded, maybe eventually cabinets that could be refinished or altogether replaced.

I’ve already been told that the work of a homeowner is never done and there’s always something else to do next weekend. As of tonight we’ve officially got a charge card with Lowe’s, so I guess maybe they can come over and we can build something together…

What’s that – they’ve got a new slogan now???

“Never stop improving.”

Not for nothing, but that’s sounds like it could be really, really expensive…  😕

Dude, Where’d My Weekend Go?!
The rest of the time was pretty much just a blur – running back and forth, trying to get things ready in one place while also starting to clean things up in the other. Our official moving day is now only 6 days away, so I suppose it would be safe to assume that sheer and utter panic ought to be setting in for the duration just about anytime now.

On one hand, 18 more days until we have to move out of the new house doesn’t seem so bad, but on the other hand, I have other fingers that say I’d better stop counting digits and start getting to work!

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