Server Migration – complete!

We’re home! We’re finally home!!!

And even a week ahead of schedule, too – who would’ve believed that a month ago?!

Not I, said the duck…  😯

Thankfully, the whole thing really ended up going relatively smoothly – ten domains across two different shared accounts, and really the only one that saw any real impacted downtime was Just Laugh, coincidentally because being the biggest that one was also the very last to go and I ended up missing something that I overlooked because a cache didn’t get cleared in my browser to catch the error quicker. But all is well now – traffic is flowing smoothly across all of my sites and the old shared accounts were both closed out just before I had to pay another month for each of them, as a nice, little added bonus! 🙂

I kind of already talked about the benefits of this migration in my first post – my control over this server is just a whole lot better (I’ve been loving the real-time monitoring to see bandwidth coming in and out throughout the day!), not to mention it’s got the capacity of over 13 times the bandwidth that my previous account allowed, plus dedicated CPU and memory to handle it all without worry of being choked out by other random sites that just happened to be sharing server space with me in the past. And although I don’t necessarily need all of that extra horsepower right now, it’s just nice having one less thing to worry about as I move on to other projects – the extra juice is there if I need it!

So that’s about it, really – it was an interesting experience with some hiccups, but luckily nothing major. A special thanks to the folks at InterServer for helping answer all of my questions within a matter of hours so that nothing fell through the cracks as domains were migrated over a few at a time. Even though I hadn’t really planned on doing this in March and it did take a bit of my time that could’ve gone elsewhere, ultimately it’s going to be a good thing in the long run just because I would’ve had to do it eventually on down the road … why not attack it right now while I’m still churning on old projects rather than after some have been completed and I’m afraid of disrupting the new influxes of traffic that are hopefully flooding in as a result?!

Fun, geeky computer stuff … but enough of that for now – back to writing!  8)

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