Stormfront, Meh

It’s funny how after living someplace for a while, you sorta get complacent about things like the weather when there’s a storm brewing that could potentially blow your recently purchased and hopefully adequately insured new house halfway across town…


It’s kinda crazy to actually sit back and do the math, but I guess I’ve technically been living here in Florida for 9 years now – nearly a third of my life! – so much in the same way that up in Michigan when “the blizzard of all blizzards” was coming in off Lake Michigan and we simply shrugged it off as an excuse to try out our new shovels, now here in the middle of “hurricane season” I find myself not so much scrambling around for canned goods and batteries as do wishing that I’d have taken Cleo out for her walk before it started to torrential downpour that will likely last for the next week and a half!

I honestly don’t think that Isaac is going to have much impact on us here in the Tampa Bay area at all, aside from some rain and wind, anyways.

I will admit that I do find it a little amusing that threat of the storm may upset the Republican National Convention that’s taken over downtown for the next week … hey, at the very least those guys deserve to get a little inconvenienced after the floods of ridiculous bullshit coming from their own mouths that we have to wade through the rest of the year!

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