Super Mario Kickstarter, Lego Edition

It seems like I’ve been coming across a lot of intriguing Kickstarter campaigns lately, and this one certainly adds to that legacy!

Basically the guy wants to make a gigantic Lego mosaic mural of the very first level of the original Super Mario Bros – a feat that will clock in at a daunting 6 feet x 90 feet and use upwards of 780,000 bricks in the process! Hence the fundraising drive because even if he can find the colors at $0.02 a piece in the massive quantities that he needs, that’s still over $15 grand just in Legos alone … not to mention the base plates, glue, and whatever else is needed to orchestrate a project of this epic magnitude!

Granted, I’m still not entirely sure what one does with a 90′ mural when all is said and done – hopefully it can find a home in a museum somewhere after it makes the convention tour because I’d kinda doubt that few people aside from Miyamoto himself even have a wall in their house big enough to hang 90′ of video game history!  😯

As an aside, this has kind of inspired me to try my hand at making a Nintendo-oriented Lego mosaic of my own, so stay tuned for more on that…  :mrgreen:

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