Thin Post : My Exhaustingly Long Walk!!!

So tonight we took a wrong turn, as it were – I made a knee-jerk reaction to take an alternate route for part of my nightly walk with Cleo because a guy with another dog came along and was walking at our same pace in the same direction as we were, meaning that I would’ve had to deal with her pulling like a crazy dog for god knows how long! She hasn’t been doing too well with encountering other dogs on our walks lately – she used to just pull a little and then refocus once we walked past, but now she starts growling and barking and pulls in the opposite direction until the other dog is completely out of sight … not fun in the slightest, so if anybody happens to know how to break her of this horrible habit, I’d love to hear any and all pointers!!!  😯

Anyways, so to sum it up…

Intended Duration of Walk: 3.5 miles (65 minutes)

Actual Duration of Walk: 6.6 miles (120 minutes)

By the time we had completed our bypass, I guess I was feeling up to pushing myself a little farther and I had plenty of podcast left to listen to, so I added in an extra side loop and then took the long way home on top of that! I couldn’t believe until I looked up the ridiculously similar to spaghetti-looking route on Google Maps that we’d actually gone that far, although now my legs are starting to feel it and I can only imagine how I’m going to feel come tomorrow morning…

And to think tomorrow our plan is to spend the day walking around Disney World! Maybe I can just get one of those motorized chairs or something…  😐

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