Thin Post : Progress, at last!!!

Today’s weigh-in was awesomely unexpected -2.8 pounds down from last week!

Funny because right around this time a week ago, I was getting pretty frustrated with continually only losing a fraction of a pound for weeks in a row. Altogether for my last four weigh-ins, I’ve lost a combined 4.8 pounds, which is still a bit lower than I would like, but at least my little spurt this week got me some extra distance before my enthusiasm for plateau-ing extra early in this effort had a chance to hit rock bottom…

As my wife said, I’m probably going to have fluctuations where some weeks I hardly see any progress and others I shoot out ahead like this, so ultimately I know that I need to focus on the idea that as long as the scale is still going down, it’s all good! One might suggest that I’ve actually been pretty fortunate in that I’ve only seen the scale tick back up once in 11 weeks of effort thus far … I guess it’s still just kinda frustrating sometimes because in the grand scheme of things, 1 pound doesn’t sound like a whole lot to lose each week, so it can be kind of demoralizing to still fall shy even of that meager goal.  🙁

Still, aside from just being really, really happy about today’s progress update, the analytical part of me is obviously curious as to what specifically triggered this sudden burst of fat droppage! I wasn’t really overly aggressive with exercise in the last week, and food was just kind of so-so … the only real notable difference was that last weekend I sort of took the weekend off from writing and just kicked back with the family, which may or may not have included slightly better than normal sleeping patterns, so whether or not less stress somehow contributed to this progress, who knows?!

Or it could just be a completely random roll of the dice that warrants no further insight whatsoever … as much as I’d love to know the secret to it all, chances are I probably need to just keep doing what I’m doing and let time and effort do their thing…

But in the meantime as far as today’s celebration is concerned … -2.8 pounds, baby!!!

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