Thin Post : Quick Summary, Week #WHATEVER

I guess I haven’t really been very good at doing these in the month of April.

They seemed to help me in February, but kinda died out in March and I haven’t had much luck as resurrecting them here in April, either.

Then again, I think I had more of my weight loss in February than I did in March, and April has been pretty stagnant altogether, so maybe that should be telling me something here!  😳

I’ve actually found that I waver with a lot of these things, though – one thing will help me along for a month or two, then I’ll get tired of it and want to seek out something else to help motivate more ground beneath my feet and less food between my lips. I think it’s going to be really interesting to look back at all of this when I finally reach my target weight who knows when to see all of the different methods that I employed to make it actually happen. Lots of writing, plenty of different workout routines, rewards and distractions, and modifications to my diet.

I probably won’t be doing any more of these summary things for a while, though I did really like the quarterly summary so I’ll probably put another one of those together come July to sum up my last three months of effort – that was a little more encouraging to me because I could see the culmination of my efforts instead of just a week at a time. Not sure what I’ll do next, either – maybe just go back to some more random posts on whatever’s on my mind on a given week or if I come up with a new strategy altogether, it could very well be that, too!

Such a long road to travel – I suppose one needs more than just a handful of things to help pass the time…  8)

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