Thin Post : Stick with it!

I think sometimes my biggest problem when it comes to losing weight is that I have a really hard time sticking with things more than a week or two.

It doesn’t even necessarily matter if it ended up being wildly successful – like with the jars, my first week and a half or so I was spot on and even earned my bonus from having 7 consecutive days of staying under my calorie limit, but lately I’ve only earned beads on one or two completely random days and otherwise my total has remained largely unchanged. Sometimes I’ve missed my total by just 100-200 calories or so, and others I just blew it out of the water … it’s really weird.

Needless to say, I need to figure out what it takes for me to remain focused on these ideas much more long-term, especially considering that it seems like my own weight loss patterns seem to come in spurts – rather than losing 1-2 pounds consistently every week, I’ll lose fractions of a pound and then suddenly take a drop out of nowhere. If I can’t stay focused and keep the pace even through those low times, the question starts to present itself of whether that bigger drop will actually ever come!

I think I’ve had a lot of good ideas for ways to stay active and keep focused – at this point, I think my efforts would be better focused, though, on maintaining some of those ideas so that they’re a regular part of my routine for months instead of just a quick 10-day spurt before I grow tired of them and try to move on to something else. Reward jars, push-ups, more veggies in place of snacks – all seemingly fantastic ideas … so what am I waiting for?!?!?!  😳

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