Thin Post : Uncontrollable Splurgings…

Sometimes I really don’t understand my body, and a perfect example of this can be found in my continued problems with snacking.

You would think that my weekly weigh-in (Tuesday mornings) would be a great equalizer to either break bad habits after seeing a less than desirable change on the scale or even reinforce good habits as a result of an awesome week’s weight loss … and yet for several weeks in a row now I’ve been watching the exact opposite happen. Typically I’ll put in a little more effort the day before my weigh-in, or maybe even Sunday, too, but sometimes even that same day once I’ve stood on the scale and marked my “progress” down for another week, I’ve found myself absolutely plagued with horrible indulgences for candy and cookies and other snack foods that I often end up giving in to, even while I look at myself and think, “What am I DOING?!?!?!”

Maybe it’s just desperation – that would make sense for bad weeks, anyways, because admittedly it’s easy to eventually feel like you’re hitting a brick wall and stress eating kicks in because it can feel like the hard work and dedication is kind of worthless.

For the good weeks, on the other hand though … maybe it’s some sort of reward for having such good progress?! I don’t know – that angle kinda baffles me because you’d think after losing 2.8 pounds in a single week, I’d have been on top of the world and energized to keep it up in hopes of repeating that same success the next week! Then again, maybe the same kind of stress and tedium catches up either way and eventually just something’s gotta give…

I guess the key takeaway that I need to consider is that the stress, both from weight loss and elsewhere in life, is inevitable, so ultimately I need to find a better way of dealing with stress that doesn’t include going to town on a full-size bag of chips or an entire package of mini peanut butter cups!  😯

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