Don’t get me wrong – it’s definitely good to be back on solid ground, in my own house that I just bought two months ago, with a happy puppy and plenty of creative projects to finish out the year on, but I’d be a fool if I still wouldn’t rather be 751 nautical miles away down bobbing around in the tropics somewhere with chefs to prepare my meals and a spa for my relaxing fancy and a full bar to keep me entertained poolside in between!


Pictures will go up in the next couple of days – shouldn’t be too long because I didn’t take nearly as many as before. This was definitely much more of a lay around and relax-kind of vacation than the run around and do lots of stuff-kind, and I think it’s going to be particularly hard to get back into real life come Monday when I have to start doing things for other people once again instead of everybody waiting on me hand and foot as I most certainly enjoyed over the last week… 😉

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