Weekend Update

Midnight Hour at the Magic Kingdom
Although we weren’t really planning on it, Saturday night ended up turning into an impromptu jaunt over to Disney and it was a fun reminder of just how long it’s been since we’ve been over there! Although we were at Epcot last month for Candlelight Processional and Downtown Disney a few weeks ago, I think it’s actually been months since we set foot inside the Magic Kingdom, so it ended up just being a fun couple of hours running around doing the classics and enjoying the atmosphere and whatnot. The park stayed open until midnight that night – one of the reasons we picked it – and it definitely got me back into the mood of trying to get over there more frequently than my weekend writing schedule sometimes allows… 😉

Clutter and Cables EVERYWHERE!
Sunday’s big project is one that I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks now – that of completely gutting and reorganizing the spaghetti mess of cables behind the entertainment center in our living room. It actually came to light because our cable box started acting funny – turned out that the DVI port burned out, but instead of taking it back to the cable office and swapping it out (and losing all of our saved shows and schedules in the process), luckily the component outputs still worked so I ended up just switching over to those and calling it a day.

I was a little bummed at the end when I realized that setting up the rear surround sound speakers just wasn’t going to be a possibility at this house – I hadn’t hooked them up yet because I had originally been wanting to get smaller speakers to just mount to the walls and utilize the landlord’s built-in wiring that was already jacked into the back wall of the room … but after about an hour’s worth of testing random wires behind the TV, I eventually came to find that none of those wires actually led to the pre-wired speaker jacks! And due to the way that the room is laid out (and a hyperactive, ever-chewing puppy), there’s just no good place to run actual wires to situate the speakers anywhere else, so it looks like while we’re in this rental, the surround sound is going to be a no-go… 🙁

But my next house – the one that we actually BUY – is going to have an awesome setup, you just wait and see!

Death and Taxes…Also, Refunds
On a slightly more positive note, I just finished doing our income taxes a few minutes ago and we’re actually getting back a considerable refund this year, which is pretty odd for us because we’ve traditionally had to pay the last couple of years. It’s basically all going to help pay off my car, but still – refund > having to write the IRS a check!

Please Fix My iPhone…
And lastly, I was supposed to go to the Apple store on Saturday to have them look at my phone’s sporadically non-responsive home button because the warranty expires on it in a week, but at the last minute Sara threw out the idea of going to Disney instead, so I ended up rescheduling my appointment for tomorrow night. Hoping that they don’t give me any hassle and it’s as easy to “just swap it out” as the other rep said when I mentioned it last weekend… 😕

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