2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 1 – It Smells Like Christmas…


So far I’ve only tried Frosted Berry Kiss from Glade, which I really like, along with a purple one from another brand that is also very sweet and berry-like. I honestly think I ended up with about one from every system because I couldn’t remember which fans we actually had at home … which resulted in my returning later to buy the fans that we actually didn’t have in order to be able to use them all! 😉

But regardless of the brand, these are fun, though – just pop in a cartridge and 30 minutes later your living room smells a little less like dog farts and a little more like apple cinnamon cobbler … or at least that’s how it works around my house. 

I used to have these things running around the house quite a bit, but I think I let up because (I thought) the plugins were getting kind of expensive, even though in reality they’re only a few bucks a piece and they should last all month if you don’t crank ’em up on full the second you plug them in.

Somehow this first day’s advent post is coming off surprisingly like a sponsored post, which it totally isn’t … unless the folks from Glade or Febreeze or Air Wick want to send me a sample of these thingsto try, and in that case it totally can be!

‘Tis the season to have your house not smell like dog farts and all… 😆

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