2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 13 – Scott’s Awesome 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

 Only 11 more shopping days left – better get to shopping!!!

xmas2013_snessoapSuper Nintendo Soap
At this point they’re only available for pre-order, so be sure to consider that, however if you were the kind of kid who would’ve bathed with your Nintendo games if you could, a little Super Mario Kart Soap-on-a-Rope might be just the scent of nostalgia that Dr. Mario ordered!
xmas2013_blockspritesBlock Sprites
Even though I’ve yet to actually buy one of these myself, I love flipping through the various photos of their creations on Facebook and dream of one day having an entire collection of the Final Fantasy IV cast from its original SNES glory up on my wall…
xmas2013_astronautAn Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth
What can I say – International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield is just cool, and countless space fans got the biggest kick out of following him during his stay this year when he would sing songs and do experiments and answer questions about how awesome it is to live in space! Now you can buy his book, too, which you totally should.
xmas2013_minifigsLego Collectible Minifigs
I love these things! They’re basically the trading cards that I wish existed when I was a kid growing up, and the fact that they’ve now got 11 series out after only 4 years proves that other people are loving ’em, too. They make great stocking stuffers – hint hint, wink wink… 😉
xmas2013_goldenHoliday Golden Books
I didn’t really realize that these were a thing until I went to order some books to include with my niece’s Christmas presents and found these ones styled after the classic claymation specials like Rudolph and Frosty! I see my house getting a whole collection of these things just like I had in the near future… 🙂
Slowly distancing myself from green teas because the taste seems to be too bitter without adding copious amounts of honey, I’ve been starting to dabble with other random flavors in hopes of finding my next addiction. Really, I’m not too picky on brands at this point – leave a comment if you’ve got others to recommend!
xmas2013_narwhalThe Avenging Narwhal Action Figure
Because I’m a true believer in the idea that ever gift guide needs one of those presents that just makes its recipient scratch their head and go, “Wha???” Not for penguin fans (sorry, Mom), I’m fairly certain that this year’s weird paperweight will definitely achieve that goal.
xmas2013_voltronDie-Cast 30th Anniversary Voltron Action Figure
Mind you, it ain’t cheap … but then again, most nostalgia for us in our thirties these days isn’t. And yet you can’t deny that this 11″ shiny metal Defender of the Universe would look just absolutely stunning on any fan’s shelf of untouchables from the past. Note that this one is also a pre-order, currently slated for next June…
xmas2013_thorneThe Internet is a Playground
This actually came out a couple of years ago, but I’ve never featured it on a gift guide before and so many of the sections are truly timeless that you owe it to anyone who appreciates fine humor to ensure that a copy resides prominently on their bookshelf.

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