I love giant things. 

Food especially.

Now I’ve seen the Reese’s cups before, although I’ve never actually been lucky enough to receive them because apparently an entire pound of peanut butter is somewhat past my peanut butter-loathing wife’s tolerance threshold! But aside from the giant Hershey’s bar, which to my understanding comes in an even gianter version than the 1 pound bar shown, I had no idea that the other candy makers were jumping on these ultra-sized introductions to diabetes…


That said, as I piled all of these varieties as inconspicuously on the shelf as possible so that I could snag the stealth picture shown above at my local neighborhood Target, I couldn’t help but look at the back of each package to the calorie information, and oh my, was I singing a slightly different tune then!

(note: all are 1 pound blocks, sometimes split into two pieces when appropriate)

  • Giant Reese’s – 12 servings @ 190 calories each = 2,280 calories total
  • Giant Hershey’s – 8 servings @ 280 calories each = 2,240 calories total
  • Giant Snickers – 9 servings @ 230 calories each = 2,070 calories total
  • Giant Crunch – 10 servings @ 220 calories each = 2,200 calories total
  • Giant York Peppermint Patties – 12 servings @ 130 calories each = 1,560 calories total

Now of course, I’m sure they don’t expect you to eat the entire pound of chocolate in a single serving … although for what it’s worth, was I the only kid who hated the Kit Kat commercial growing up because I had no intention whatsoever to be breaking off ANYONE a piece of my Kit Kat bar??? I remember a place where I used to work where a guy brought in one of those ginormous 5 pound Hershey’s bars and pretty much became the most popular guy for the day as he doled out chunks of it until he still had a couple of pounds leftover for himself!

But *I* have no desire to share, being the greedy kid that I was raised to be, which is why I suppose in order to maintain my girlish figure, I’d better stick to the Peppermint Patties … as you can see, they are pretty much the healthiest giant chocolate bar money can buy…  😐

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