2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 6 – Love Me Some … Gingerbread?


Fans of my pumpkin blog may have noticed that my enthusiasm for pumpkinhood sort of dropped out a bit early this year. I might still post a thing or two pumpkin-related before the year is through, but I’ve just been really busy with other things … I’ve even got a whole pile of pumpkin stuff sitting here to review that I never got around to…

And that said, December is also a conflict for my pumpkin proclivities in that along with pumpkin, I also enjoy lots of other flavors that are associated with this season, like peppermint and sometimes even eggnog, but most notably gingerbread!

I’ve actually joked from time to time that I might start a new blog called Love Me Some Gingerbread! once I’ve officially said everything that there is to say about pumpkin, and I probably would’ve started it already if it weren’t simply for a lack of time, but the same thing amuses me about gingerbread when I start walking through the stores and see things like the Twix and M&Ms shown above dabbling in this flavor typically reserved for houses and men and other cookie-shaped forms.

Just for the record, the Gingerbread Twix were actually pretty good, but the M&Ms tasted weird to me … almost more nutty than gingerbready.

I also tried some Gingerbread Spice Tea a few days ago and that one is ok, but I think the best of all is the classic gingerbread cookies. A few years ago Sara & I made some Mickey Mouse shaped ones and then dipped the ears in chocolate to the point where the chocolate was too heavy and made the ears fall off, but they were SOOOO good!

So yeah … gingerbread … I likes it a lot.  :santa:

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