2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 7 – The Holiday Rush

Can I just take the rest of the month off to do Christmas stuff and we can all circle back around come the new year???

I always tell myself every year that I’m going to ease up on the creative projects after Thanksgiving so that I’m not tripping over my own feet trying to get everything done and enjoy a little holiday cheer at the same time, and yet here I am again with an ever-growing to-do list without an end in sight! So here, a week into December with Christmas a mere 18 days away, is what my current holiday to-do list looks like…

Put Up Christmas Lights
I wanted to have them up the weekend of Thanksgiving, but that didn’t really happen and at this point I’m doing even worse than I did last year! The problem is that I should’ve dug them out of the garage and figured out what all I needed to replace last month so that I’d be ready to go when Turkey Day passed and the ban on holiday lights was lifted from my home, but now I have to do it all at once and it’s just so much work that I’m having a hard time giving up what it’s going to take to get everything sorted out.

Seriously, I used to put weeks into my Christmas light displays up north, so I really want to do them right, but so far I’m not exactly living up to my standards from a decade ago before I moved to Florida! Plus, it doesn’t help that hardly anybody puts up lights on my block, so the neighborly incentive there is virtually nil. 🙁

Put Up Christmas Tree
After outdoors comes indoors, and again, I wish it was up already, but this year our family room has become somewhat of a storage area for all sorts of crap from around the house and it all needs to get stuffed away into the back bedroom before we can even start with the tree … and I’m not really looking forward to that. 😛

Finish Decorating Indoors
There really isn’t much to do here – a bit of garland here, a pair of red & green candles there … it’s just that right now the bits and pieces that we’ve picked up from stores are all located on the island in the middle of our kitchen, so we really just need to put them up!

Figure Out Christmas Cards
Last year we really phoned it in, so this year I want to get back in the groove of actually sending out photo cards to everyone and actually doing them on-time. I feel like Christmas cards are kind of a dying art and I don’t want to be one contributing to their ultimate demise, plus it’s another opportunity for us to share the news with family on the far reaches of the globe that we’re pregnant, so really, I just need to snag a quick photo of us to go alongside the latest ultrasound pic and then send it off to the Walmart 1-hour photo center…

Get Presents in the Mail
Ok, so believe it or not for this one we’re actually doing above average, in that many, many gifts have been ordered and more are still in flight from the likes of Amazon and other online vendors … I think we just need to pick up a few random odds and ends and we should be good to race to the post office in this department. Considering that last year’s gifts in part made it to my sister’s house by June when we came to visitmy goal of before Christmas in 2013 actually makes a lot of sense!

According to USPS.com, my deadline for priority mail is 12/21, but I’d really love to have them out sometime early that week so that sled dogs and whatnot aren’t required to get them that last mile in the event of the typical, last-minute Northern Michigan snow storm…

Keep Writing This Blog!
I think I’m doing pretty good with the holiday posts this year, don’t you?!

When you look at them that way, I guess the list doesn’t look all that bad after all! Just need to get to gettin’ and stop stalling, and I’ll be back to other forms of procrastination in no time…

…but don’t tell Santa that I said that…


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