2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 8 – Baby’s 0th Christmas

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Earlier this year Sara and I had a conversation about buying our unborn baby presents for Christmas in the event that she was pregnant during the holidays, but wouldn’t be actually giving birth until next year.

At the time, I’m pretty sure my general response was, “You’re crazy. You can’t actually buy gifts for the baby until the baby is actually physically present here to receive said gifts.”

I guess you could say that things have changed a little bit since then, in that now I only sort of think that she’s crazy.

Also, I’ve kind of been buying a few gifts here and there for our unborn baby myself, too…  😕

It finally hit me today while we were out shopping when I kept coming across all sorts of books and toys and games that I was like, “Oooh – that’d be fun to buy for our baby!” and then a few minutes after, I kept having to tag on, “…next year.”

This is sort of a strange time for us because on one hand, it’s starting to get more exciting and more real every day, from the clock on our dresser that counts down the minutes to picking a name and hoping that it’s a good one to the fact that Sara’s even starting to show now, and yet there’s still a thought looming in the back of my head that this might not work and something could go wrong between now and May. I try to remind myself that it doesn’t do any good to think that way, even if it is the truth, and in a way, kind of immersing ourselves in all of this baby stuff like getting the house ready and even putting a few gifts under the tree for our little boy to be helps with that.

Don’t get me wrong – I still think that she’s crazy, but at the same time, I kind of get it, too, and chances are pretty good that there will be a couple of gifts from me underneath the tree this year even though he won’t be ready to open them yet, too.

Above is the ornament that we picked out today at the mall because Sara insisted that she wanted her ornament from me this year to be a pregnant one. The girl doing the personalization was a little confused at first when she had to double-check that zeroth was what I really meant … said she’d never heard that before! The math does check out, though – if next year will be baby’s first Christmas after he’s born, then what else could this year really be?!

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