Collectible Minifigs, Reorganized


So after having these things piled on my desk for the better part of two weeks now, I finally got around to reorganizing them and putting them back up on the wall tonight! It’s crazy to think that if you look back at that original post from less than a year ago, was just closing in on filling up one base plate, and now today I’ve got enough for going on three plates … by the time they’re ready to launch series 11, I’ll need to add my fifth base plate to the wall! 😯

The reason I have them spaced out as much as I do is that I’m trying to fill up some of my older sets – you can see that I don’t have anything from series 1 or 2 and only a handful from series 3. The rest, I’m closing in quick on, though … trading over on Reddit has been pretty lucrative, though I’m guessing that I’ll probably just have to go on BrickLink and pony up the dough for those early ones … which I need to do sooner than later before the prices start going up even higher.

In the meantime, though, if you happen to stumble onto this post and feel like doing a little trading yourself, I’ve still got plenty of duplicates! I’ve put together this Google Docs spreadsheet that I’ve been sharing on Reddit and seems to be a lot easier to keep updated, so feel free to take a look and either PM me on Reddit or leave me a comment here if you’d like to trade!


“Help find us a new home!”

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