Dinner for Five

I found this kinda neat TV show on YouTube earlier today, and it helped to pass the time while I was trying to get some work done. Basically it’s just five celebrities sitting around a table having dinner, talking about show business and sharing stories – it actually reminded me a lot of the early gigs in Kevin Smith’s speaking career, and there were even a handful of episodes featuring Kevin and his friends, which ended up getting me hooked going through all of the rest!




Unfortunately, it looks like the show is pretty much canceled now, but you can still find a ton of the old episodes on the show’s YouTube channel.

Oddly enough, one of the other things I got out of listening to episodes of this all day was a pleasant reminder not to judge people by the fictional characters that they play on TV and in the movies! Case in point – I’ve never really liked Jon Favreau … he just always seemed to end up playing the prick in every movie that I see him in, and yet when I watched him hosting Dinner for Five, he seems like he’s probably a perfectly nice guy after all!

It’s also neat to see other celebrities not in character like that, too, again because I’ve really grown to love hearing Kevin Smith be so open in his life these days with a million podcasts and whatnot, and yet most other celebs really don’t open themselves up nearly to that level, so it was neat listening to a legend like George Carlin talking about wanting to get into acting, but then having to put it on hold because it wasn’t in the cards … and then hearing him talk about really being able to stretch in a movie like Jersey Girl, which we watched the other night and the man just about had me in tears when he went through the scene at the very end about not wanting to die alone.

Good show, and I think there are a lot of hidden gems in there no matter who your favorite actors are. 😉

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