Dog Brain FTW

Sometimes I’m actually pretty impressed on just how smart my little puppy really is.

For example, we just got back from our walks that haven’t been nearly as frequent as either of us would like as of late. Nonetheless, she knows all of the signs to look for when we might be going for a walk, and I’m not talking about when I grab her leash. No, Cleo knows that when I grab a certain pair of shorts and go into the bathroom, that that’s a hint, and when she sees me reach for the bottle of talcum powder, that’s a hint.

And when I’m putting on my tennis shoes?! Oh holy christ, that’s most certainly a hint that we’re going on a walk very, very soon!

Today was even a step further yet, though, because I was putting my shoes on at my computer desk, which I’m wont to do, and I couldn’t help but notice that when I focused on just tying my shoes, Cleo behaved herself and waited patiently, but if I’d reach for the keyboard to check Facebook first or something, she’d go nuts and start whining, much like she does pretty much any other time she thinks we’re on our way out the door!

I guess I was impressed that she keyed in on when she knew I was doing something for her … now if I could get her to follow suit for the other signs that we’re going for a walk instead of just whining like crazy until we’re out the door! Then again, I suppose she’s still learning, but it’s still kind of neat to be able to observe that she is learning. 😉

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